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About ZeroPrice

ZeroPrice was established to help brands discover and connect with thousands of trial customers, who try their products for free and provide honest suggestion for product improvement. In the modern global marketplace, consumers ultimately drive the success of companies, brands, and products. By providing brands with honest and authentic consumer suggestion, we desire to help companies grow and expand, with an effective and affordable way to collect transparent product research data.

With ZeroPrice, our product testers never pay a penny for registration, products, or shipping. With zero cost, zero risk, and zero hassle, our platform provides a safe and secure way for brands and consumers to help change the way products are brought to market.

Driven by our customer-first philosophy, consumers gain the opportunity to influence product improvements based on their honest and valuable opinions. Our product testers receive 100% free samples, our brands receive unbiased consumer feedback, and consumers around the world receive improved product quality and a better customer experience.

The ZeroPrice platform operates under a simple business model that helps establish success and value for every one of our members.

Happy brands + happy consumers = a win/win for everyone.

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